One-on-One At Home Training: this option is ideal for the client who has pre existing conditions/injuries that require specialized exercise program development, for the client who has not had success with other programs, for the client who has a specific adaptive requirement i.e., strength/endurance/sport-specific or for a client who simply desires the attention that 1-on-1 training provides.

Partner Training (2 people): this is a great way to get the benefits of 1-on-1 training along with the awesome power of commitment not only to yourself but someone else.  Commit to each other, work hard, have fun and enjoy a new world of improved health and human performance.

Small Group (3-4 people): this option is ideal for clients who do not have serious preexisting conditions, who desire to lose some fat and gain some muscle, and for clients who simply want to train amongst their friends. The additional drive and energy that a group fitness dynamic provides, has undoubtedly been highly effective in helping people surpass their goals.

Workplace Lunch and Learns: Employers more than ever are taking a vested interest in employee health as it impacts production, absenteeism, overhead (expensive health insurance premiums) and the general wellness of the employees and thereby the organization’s wellness as a whole. Education plays an enormous role in employee decision making from nutrition to effective exercise. Contact Greg if you desire a better educated, more productive workforce.

Online Personal Training:   We don’t just look after you for one hour a week and leave you to fend for yourself the rest of the time. We guide and support you 168 hours a week… Even when you travel with work or go on holiday… Your health and results are too important to us to let you slip backwards when you are not with us face to face. Our Online PT Program provides you with:

• Consultation & Coaching
• Exercise Program Design
• Exercise Demonstration Videos
• Nutritional Strategies
• Food Diary
• 7 day/week Answers to your Questions
• Adherence Tracking / Results Tracking
• And more…
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